Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Draçian Dance: A Tale of Taru

Nicole Izmaylov's The Draçian Dance: A Tale of Taru is set in a parallel world. Instead of looking at a moon from their rainforest, the indigenous creatures will see the Earth instead.

Nicole told me about this novel idea six months ago. I was grouchy that day. "You can't just whip out a book in six months like those people who try to whip books out in a month." 
"I'm not going to 'whip out' anything. I'm a fast writer!" Then she sent me an outline that I thought was not possible. it's not practical for a square to fit into a circle. Then I saw the way it was going to happen. My mouth fell open. Outstanding job! This is what an author can do. They take the unbelieveable and make it believeable.  Awe! Come on! We're authors and this is a sci-fi/fantasy. So, how do you fit a square into a round hole? In a parallel universe, anything can and does happen. 

The creatures there resemble dragons but they have a little of feather and fur along with some of everything. No fire! However they have about a 30-foot wingspan for starters; the smaller ones anyway. The sense of smell isn't necessary. The scent of vanilla or honey may just pop into your head. Each character has their own smell. The rainforest Draçar are telepathic. But, if one wanted privacy they can hold back their thoughts from other telepaths. But if you are human, and among them, you are not likely to escape without their knowing it. Telepathy requires some practice to control the inner secret thoughts.

What year and time is this set? Time and date are both unknown. The setting is very much like Earth's 19th century past. The world they live in is a reverse of ours. Instead of going west, they may go east if they are headed to the United States from the UK. They call themselves "Unikens."  That's fair! What do they look like? Well, there are humanoids inhabiting this parallel world. But there are also some creatures that fit some very scary descriptions. I don't want to give away any secrets. Since it is close to Halloween, this would be the time to read the novel. It's 256 pages of fun, fear, romance and laughter.

The online retail bookstores should have the book available within the next two-three weeks. Right now, it is on Don't worry about finding it witout the symbol 'ç'. Just click on this link or type in the title, The Dracian Dance without the symbol.

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